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Film Reels

Favorite Movies/Actors

Next to watching the New York Yankee’s Baseball and the New York Giants Football Tom enjoyed watching these movies … repeatedly. Many of these he would quote the lines and together we would laugh and laugh while Tom put on a show. 

Hope you  take a look and enjoy them too.  

Robert DeNiro - The Godfather I-IV : Mean Streets : Heat : Falling In Love : Casino : Goodfellas : Once Upon a Time In America : Silver Linings Playbook : Awakenings: Flawless 


Robin Williams - What Dreams May Come : Good Morning Vietnam ; Jumanji : Good Will Hunting :  Awakenings : Mrs. Doubtfire : Dead Poets Society


Al Pacino- Donnie Brasco : Scent of a Woman; The Insider: 


Jack Nicholson -The Departed : A Few Good Men : Ironwood: The Shining     


Daniel Day Lewis – In the Name Of The Father : There Will Be Blood : Last of the Mohicans: The Boxer : Gangs Of New York

Mark Ruffalo – Spotlight :  You Can Count On Me :  The Kids Are Alright :   I Know This Much Is True :             Dark Waters : The Normal Heart : All The Kings Men : Zodiac : Last Castle                     

Series - Star Wars Series: Aliens : Bourne : Toy Story : Jurrasic Park : Nemo : Rocky       


Miscellaneous - Braveheart : The Town : Michael Collins : Dances with Wolves;  Man In The Iron Mask : Thorn Birds : Last Samurai : Shogun : The Good Dragon : Good Will Hunting: Shawshank Redemption :    It’s a Wonderful Life : Monster’s Ball : Green Mile :   Interstellar : Gladiator : Wolf Of Wallstreet : A Beautiful Mind      


Documentary -  Alive Inside : 13th: Sound and Fury: Crip Camp : When They See Us:  What The Health : Abacus     

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